Ready… Set… Go!

The tractor and driver were there and had all kinds of trouble making the leased piece of land arable. In the east of Congo, as in most parts of the country, the poorly developed infrastructure is a central problem, which not only makes everything one undertakes laborious, but also slows down or even prevents much of the country’s development. As every year, it was not easy for us to get the tractor at all, and then to bring it to the spot. The increased oil price and the international disruption of supply chains due to the war in Ukraine also created new challenges for the fuel supply. Once again, it is the poorer countries that suffer first and sustainably. Thanks to his good connections, Hansen was able to reserve 80 litres of diesel fuel and brought it to the tractor in jerrycans, one by one, by motorbike. Due to the heavy rain, the ploughing had to be postponed several times. But in the end everything worked out! The field is tilled, our agronomist René MBILIZI is satisfied with the result achieved and his students were also able to learn a lot.