Harvest time!

It was that time again in our field: the African aubergine is ripe! The African aubergine (Solanum aethiopicum), also called scarlet aubergine, bitter tomato, gilo or jiló, is a herbaceous plant grown mainly in Africa and Brazil. In tropical Africa, it is the third vegetable eaten after tomatoes and onions. Fruits and leaves are eaten and are very nutritious. In Kitutu, about 25 km from Kamituga, there is a cultivation field next to our seed field, where we grow cabbage, tomatoes, onions and just the African aubergine. The diversity of vegetable varieties makes it possible to effectively counteract the often one-sided diet of the local population, which is particularly widespread among the very poor. Through the accompanied farming, in which our agronomist teaches the participants the basics and skills of successful farming, they are put in a position to effectively counter malnutrition by their own efforts.